Saturday, December 3, 2016

Happy Mets Birthday in Quotes to Me

Not a lot of great Mets born on December 3rd. Some of the notables are Mets third baseman from the 1969 World Series winning team, Wayne Garrett. Darryl Hamilton had his birthday today. Current Met Matt Reynolds' birthday is today as is a player with one of the greatest names' in team history---Tobi Stoner.

Since today is my birthday, I will give it an opportunity to talk about my lifetime passion for the Mets. Growing up in Long Island, it was either the Mets for the Yankees. My father and older brother had an allegiance to the Brooklyn Dodgers so my fate was sealed at a young age.

Shea Stadium was not that far from my house so I spent many a day of my youth at the ballpark. People deride it now, but I found Shea to be beautiful but I think it reflects my love of the Mets more than the Stadium. Still got a chill every time I saw that diamond, but I get the same chill with any baseball diamond.

Best Met game I ever attended in person---that's easy. First the story. I was eleven years old and my brother went to Stony Brook. My mom and I picked him up at the train station before Game 1 of the 1969 World Series. Because my Mom loved my brother and I more than anything in the world, she decided to drive us to Shea Stadium to see if there were any tickets left for World Series games.

As luck would have it, the Series was not sold out (can you imagine that possibly happening today) and there were a few tickets left for Game 5. Well, the rest is history. My brother and I went to the game and were there to watch it all. We even joined the thousands of fans who ran on the field. I still have my ticket and grass hanging in my wall today.

Best Mets game, I ever saw, not in person, easy answer for any Mets fans who was around in 1986--Game 6.  My wife and I were newly married and she was well aware of my fanaticism. We sat there watching the game with my brother and my closest friend. There is no doubt in my mind that the collective screams of the four of us were louder in decibels than any you would see at a Guns N' Roses concert.

I voiced the same enthusiasm in the 2015 World Series. Even got my son to become a Mets fan for that run. I'm sorry, I don't buy the narrative that the Royals were the better team--we were. The whole series amounted to one player--Wade Davis. If we had him, we would have won, but they had him so they won.

So today I turn 59, I'm not a kid anymore, though I still think like one. My thoughts are already on 2017. Love hot stove league but love the magic words of spring training even more. Signing Cespedes was a great move as was signing Neal Walker. We are loaded to bear this year with that pitching staff. We also come back with a healthy Duda and hopefully a healthy Wright. Love Cabrera and Curtis and hopefully a consistent Bruce.

 I am doing what I love most about baseball and the Mets. I am always looking forward and dreaming of the day of our next World Series. Sure, I take shots at Mets karma and have dealt with Mets jokes all my life, but you know as long as they still play this magnificent game, the Mets will have a chance to win it all. Bring on 2017.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Happy Mets Birthday and Trivia Question About Jay Kleven

Only Met player born on December 2nd was catcher Jay Kleven.

Despite thousand and thousand of quotes in  (shameless plug), there are none about Jay Kleven.

However, there is a great trivia question about him.

Kleven played in two games in 1976 and had five total major league at bats. He had one hit in those five at bats and it was against a future Hall of Famer. Any guesses?

The answer Mets trivia buff is the one and only Bruce Sutter.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 1st Mets Birthday Quote of the Day: George Foster

George Foster was one of the most feared hitters of the 70's. He was a vital cog in the Big Red Machine and lead the National League in Home Runs in 1977 and 1978 and was the league MVP in 1977.

I remember how excited I was when we acquired Foster---one of the most legitimate power threats in Mets history.

Foster ended up playing with the Mets from 1982--1986. Though he put together some decent years, he never had the number close to what he had with the Reds.

He still gets our Mets Baseball Birthday Quote of the

"The planes at LaGuardia better not fly too low when I'm at bat."
--George Foster, after he was acquired by the Mets

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happy Mets Birthday Baseballl Quote to Craig Swan

When I think of Craig Swan, I think of two things. Number One, he led the National League in E.R.A. in 1978, no small accomplishment with that Met team. Number Two, next to Keith, Swanee (as he was affectionately known) had the best mustache in Mets history. Very impressive.

In honor of Swan's long career with the Mets (1973-1984), he gets the Mets Birthday Quote of the Day.

This quote was about his toughness as a player.

"No one ever tried harder to come back than Swanee."
--Rusty Staub, on Craig Swan

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Happy Mets Birthday in Quotes to Howard Johnson

Fellow Mets fans, today is the birthday of the one and only Ho Jo, Howard Johnson. Before David Wright came along, Ho Jo was the best third baseman in Mets history. He played with the Mets from 1985--1993. He was also part of one of the best deals in Mets history as he was traded from the Tigers to the Mets for Walt Terrell.

Ho Jo was a two time all-star, the National League Home Run Leader in 1991 and in 1987, he was a members of the prestigious 30/30 club---30 home runs and 30 stolen bases.

Without a doubt, Johnson is well deserving of the Mets birthday quote of the day

"Howard Johnson could turn God's own fastball around."
--Tim McCarver

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Mets Birthday in Quotes to Wes Westrum

Everyone knows who the first manager of the Mets was---The Old Professor, Casey Stengel. However the trivia question of the day is who was the second manager of the Mets? The answer is the recipient of today's Mets baseball quote of the day---Wes Westrum.

Wesley Noreen Westrum took over as the Mets manger in late August of 1965. He managed the team in 1966 and then left  the team with eleven games left in the 1967 season.

He was a long time New York Giants catcher who was well regarded for his defense. One another great attribute of Westrum was his sense of humor. He has provided many a funny quote over the years

Today's Mets Birthday Quote of the day is a classic baseball quote from Westrum

"Baseball is like church. Many attend but few understand."

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy Mets Birthday Quote of the Day to Randy Milligan

November 27th is the birthday of former Mets, Randy Milligan and Raul Valdez.

Milligan gets the Quote of the Day for his impressive Mets career. In 1987, he played in three games for the Mets and had one at bat. The one at bat was a strikeout.

He did however go on to have a solid career, mostly with the Orioles. This led former Mets and Orioles hitting coach, Tom McCraw to say of Milligan,

"I don't like to put tags or labels on anyone, but in my mind, here's 70 RBIs."
---Tom McCraw, talking about Milligan

He did prove prescient in 1991 when Milligan did have exactly 70 RBIs for the Orioles.